Human Resources

Those reading your business plan will want to understand how it works and who makes up the business. Provide an overview of the employees in your organization, their roles, and qualifications. For co-operatives, it is also good practice to describe some of the governance characteristics including the board and committees. This will paint a much clearer picture for the reader on the levels of decision-making within the business.

Additionally, include any anticipating human resource changes.

Policies and Procedures

A human resources policy is a useful tool that ensures new employees are aware of the expectations and benefits of their new position. For your business plan, a discussion of policies and procedures should give a reader a snapshot of your staff and the characteristics of their positions. It is important to track this information as you have employee turnover; some of your policies or procedures may be unappealing to potential employees.

Describe your hours of operation.

Describe your team including members, board, staff, and committees, if applicable.

What is your vacation policy?

Do you provide a review of your operations, staff, and structure?

Does your organization engage in practices that will improve your ability to produce? Are there things you are doing that help develop skills?

Discuss your organization’s wage rate and comparison within your industry.